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 Before Your Procedure

If you develop an infection or an illness, prior to your scheduled procedure, contact your doctor immediately.

A pre-procedure phone call will be made to you by a nurse with more specific instructions on when to stop eating and drinking. Instructions and directions should have been given to you by your physician during your office visit in regards to taking prescribed medications the day of your procedure. Please contact your physician’s office directly should you have any further questions regarding your medications or prep instructions.

You will recieve a packet in the mail from Central CT Endoscopy Center in regards to your procedure, patient rights, Jewelry information and medication list.

YOU CAN NOT DRIVE AFTER THE PROCEDURE. No patient will be discharged to the sole care of a ride service, or public transportation. Your ride must be 18 years or older. If you have an afternoon procedure, your ride has the option to wait or must return to the facility no later than 3:30 p.m. Please make arrangements accordingly.       

It is okay to take a bath or shower the day of your procedure.

Please remove all make-up, nail polish and body piercings.

Contact lenses of any kind are NOT to be worn during the procedure.

Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Leave all valuables and jewelry at home.

Please bring your medical insurance card, driver’s license or picture ID and medication list to the Center the day of your procedure.

Arriving at Central CT Endoscopy Center

Please arrive promptly for your scheduled procedure. The receptionist will ask for your insurance card and photo ID and any patient responsibility payments at this time. You will work with the receptionist to make sure all your information is accurate. You can relax in our quiet waiting room until one of our nurse’s call you.

Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be changing into a medical gown for your stay.

Your nurse will review your medical information, check your vital signs, and explain to you what will happen during your procedure.

You will meet with your anesthesiologist and doctor. Your professional team will answer any last minute questions or concerns you may have.


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