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Nurse's Station

The Nurse's Station is the center of patient care here at the Endoscopy Center.  From the time you are admitted until you are discharged with your family member or friend, you will have the comfort and piece of mind knowing that you are in good hands with the center's staff.  The nurses will walk you through every step of the way before, during and after your procedure.

Pre-Procedure Waiting Area

After you check in to the center, a nurse will escort you to the pre-procedure area. Our nurse will wait for you to change your clothes, and will guide you through your pre-procedure admission process. You will also speak with your anesthesiologist and they will explain the procedure to you and will review all of your information and answer any questions you may have.

Recovery Area

After your procedure, our nurses will monitor your recovery progress. Your doctor will come in to check on your progress and speak to you and your family about the procedure and results. You will be offered light nourishment during this time.

Discharge Area

Once you are alert and dressed, you will be escorted to the discharge area. You and your family member or friend will receive discharge instructions. Educational pamphlets will be given to you at the discretion of your physician.

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