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The Federal Government and insurance companies require that we make reasonable efforts to prevent fraudulent insurance claims. Identity theft costs millions of dollars each year. The misuse of insurance cards and other information obtained for medical care is one aspect of identity theft.

At Central CT Endoscopy Center you will be asked to provide a government issued photo identification card and all insurance cards related to your visit. Government issued identification includes a valid United States driver’s license, a state photo identification card, a current passport, or a military ID card. This will help protect your identity from being used by other parties. A photocopy will be made and placed in your medical record.

These requirements are consistent with other practices you may encounter such as cashing a check, using a credit card, traveling, etc.   

No one will be refused care because they do not have proper ID, but each patient will be asked for a copy to be sent to our center or for your ride to bring this information back upon your departure. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate certain exceptions when a patient cannot produce acceptable documents; however Central CT Endoscopy Center needs to protect your interests and the interest of the facility.

Help stop identity theft and fraudulent insurance claims- 

Bring Your Photo ID and Insurance Cards on the day of your procedure.

Thank you for your cooperation.