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 After Your Procedure

You will remain in the recovery room until you are fully awake.

You will be given light nourishment prior to discharge.

Your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing will be checked frequently. 

You will be allowed to sit up and visit with your family or friends until you are prepared to leave the Center. 

In the rare event it would be necessary for you to stay overnight, your doctor and the Center will make the arrangements.

When you are discharged, specific instructions will be sent home with you.  It is important to follow these instructions. 

During the next day after your procedure a center nurse will call you to check on your progress.

For The First 24 Hours After Your Procedure

•If possible have a responsible adult stay with you.

•Please follow your doctor’s post-discharge instructions concerning your recovery.

•Do not drive or operate machinery.

•Do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco.

•If you have any questions about your procedure or results contact your physician’s office directly.

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